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Oberon Prime

Oberon PrimeOberon Prime is the private label under which Lahood and Son farms and distributes its lambs. Ewes are sourced from the finest producers in the far west. Large frame, first-cross ewes are selected from Border Leicester rams crossed with Merino ewes.

Poll Dorset rams are predominately sourced from the world renowned Tattykeel Stud at Black Springs Oberon.

During winter, stock is finished on cereal crops of oats, rye and triticale. At certain times of the year, lambs are finished on a corn grain mixture giving a juicier, lighter flavour to the meat.

Once lambs reach live weights of 45 kg, they are taken under stock care procedures to Oberon abattoirs for processing.

The Oberon preferred end product is a 2-3 score carcass, weighing 22-24 kg, ideally turned off as a sucker, but if necessary grown out and then fattened on pasture or grain. Lambs are carefully selected and sourced to ensure Oberon Prime produces lamb which is of the highest quality and is consistently succulent and tender.

20th December, 2011
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Lahood and Son currently runs a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) program to ensure quality, cleanliness and hygiene. On-site refrigerated store rooms maintain freshness through isolation and temperature control. All fresh food products are prepared and packed on the day of delivery to our customers.