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Meat Products to Clubs

Lahood and Son sources select premium quality Australian meats direct from regional abattoirs. Carcasses of suitable quality, size and fat depth are delivered in refrigerated vehicles direct to the receiving bay of our temperature controlled meat rooms.

Speciliased butchers then trim, bone and slice the meat producing every cut required.

Refrigeration is maintained until delivery to the customer ensuring maximum quality and freshness.

Meat Products to Restaurants

Lahood and Son supply first quality meat cuts and fresh poultry to your requirements.

Chefs who order their fresh produce from Lahood and Son benefit from our high standards and save with our bulk buying power. Orders are received from restaurants, bistros and food outlets, normally at the end of their evening’s trading with fresh deliveries taking place the following day.

Dealing with reliable suppliers saves time and money. Chefs using our services have confidence in the quality and freshness of their ingredients and the success of their creations.

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Brands represented by Lahood and Son:

Brands represented by Lahood and Son

20th December, 2011
Flemington Market Tours
Join us for our gourmet Flemington Market produce tours in early 2012!
Lahood and Son currently runs a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) program to ensure quality, cleanliness and hygiene. On-site refrigerated store rooms maintain freshness through isolation and temperature control. All fresh food products are prepared and packed on the day of delivery to our customers.